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Conlan Cummings Lawyers

Established by Gerard Conlan in 1971, Conlan Cummings Lawyers advise and represent in all areas of the law. Operating in the early days as Law 554 (featuring branding by Atticus), the firm recently took on its new business name when Elizabeth Cummings stepped up to join her father Gerard as Partner.

Atticus Design collaborated with the clever minds at By All Means to create a new logo and branding for the firm. The new logo represents the father/daughter professional alliance with the interlocking of the letters ‘C’ from Conlan and Cummings; one letter printed and the other as a silhouette, both complimenting the other.

The new branding needed to sit comfortably with the existing interior design and architecture of the building, while also reflecting the firm's well-established reputation of professionalism, integrity and style.

The business card features a clear foil pressed onto the green of the logo, printed on a beautiful stock by KW Doggetts, Strathmore Soft White. The project also included signage design on the street and in the reception area, a new website, and design of internal document templates.

Victorian Legal Admissions Board

The Victorian Legal Admissions Board (VLAB) assesses applicants for admission into the Victorian legal system, and grants their approval or disapproval based on their qualifications.

We were honoured with the task of designing a new brand for VLAB. Our inspiration for this project came from the formidable architecture of the courts district of Melbourne (for example, the columns outside the law courts) while also alluding to the pathways undertaken by legal applicants.

The new design created a strong and contemporary image for VLAB, and saw the custom letter forms emblazoned across the windows of their reception area.