Art of Difference Festival

Have you ever seen a musical performance by a deaf and blind pianist? Or a dance production by deaf performers, with no soundtrack?

The Art of Difference Disability and Deaf Arts Festival, staged in 2009 at Gasworks Arts Park, was like no other festival we have ever experienced. Running for two weeks, this international arts festival showcased some of the best and most innovative visual, performing, literary and new media artists.

Anything Atticus created needed to be accessible to visually impaired and deaf audiences. We designed an arresting icon for the festival with face-like features combining the letter ‘D’ overlapped by the braille character ‘D’. D for disability and D for difference.

The design of the material for the festival was carefully considered to be accessible on all levels, and was applied to program design, advertising, badges and t-shirts.

We hope that the Art of Difference Festival comes back to Melbourne sometime soon.